Zelia De Abreu

Practice Manager – Playcare

I am the Practice Manager for Playcare and am responsible for the smooth running of the Reception, Years 1 & 2 unit and the Years 3+ unit. I joined Centrepoint in November 2004 and working my way up from a Playcare worker has allowed me to extend my experience and knowledge across the unit, resulting in me becoming Deputy Head of Playcare in 2018.

I have been fortunate to access a range of different training courses whilst working for Centrepoint, which has enabled me to gain the skills and knowledge required to fulfil my roles at different levels, which has helped me grow as a professional. After all these years at Centrepoint I still feel it is a privilege to work with children; no two days are the same and I enjoy my work as much now as when I first started.

I am passionate about the importance of play and the outdoors for children’s development, especially in building lifelong, emotional and resilient skills in our challenging world. I make sure Playcare is a safe and fun space for children to be themselves and have fun with their friends.

01534 735151
Ext 1