Emergency, Short, Medium or Long-Term Childcare

Centrepoint ESML Scheme.

Jane Moy
Chief Executive Officer
E: jane.moy@centrepoint.je
DD: 01534 735151

After you have made contact, and we have talked through your needs, you will need to apply for Emergency Childcare. The ESML application form can be downloaded here.

Centrepoint ESML Scheme

At Centrepoint our purpose is to make childcare possible for every family and we appreciate that sometimes in life we find ourselves in challenging or unexpected circumstances. The ESML scheme has been created by Centrepoint so you have childcare support no matter what. Centrepoint will provide Emergency or Short-Term Childcare for children aged 0 to 14 years whose parents and/or siblings have experienced some adversity or setback resulting in a requirement for urgent or immediate Short-Term Childcare support. Centrepoint will also provide Medium-Term and Long-Term Childcare for children aged 0 to 14 years where it is felt that the welfare and the emotional and/or physical wellbeing of the child is at risk. Centrepoint will endeavour to accommodate all requests for Childcare, however spaces will be dependent upon the number of children attending, and the availability of funding.