Being a Charity

As a registered Charity, fundraising is a key priority.

BEING a charity

Promoting the Welfare of Children in Jersey

The object of Centrepoint is to promote the welfare of children in Jersey by providing child-first, leading quality childcare in nurturing environments within our nurseries, playcare and special needs centres. At Centrepoint we provide the absolute best possible start for our island’s children supporting their emotional, physical and mental development through exploration, learning and fun.

Centrepoint operates at the highest professional standards expected of an organisation of this stature. We rely on fees payable by parents in order to finance our operations but we provide financial support to parents/carers of children who would otherwise be unable to access a nursery or playcare setting. This can include either full or partial fee remission. This support also includes subsidised rates and flexible hours for children of key workers who work shifts as a typical part of their job.

Subsidised care and the ESML Scheme

For each academic year, we have committed to 10 fully subsidised Playcare spaces (term-time), 10 fully-subsidised Playcare holiday spaces (full-time) and 6 fully-subsidised Nursery spaces (3 per setting) to enable us to provide this support.

In that way, we are committed not only to expanding the services we offer to the public but also to playing even more of a key role in supporting children and families within the community whose need is greatest. This includes the development of an Emergency Care Provision (ESML Scheme) with a view to caring for the children of parents and/or the siblings of children who have experienced some adversity or setback which has resulted in them requiring immediate, short -term childcare. We also provide heavily subsidised medium- term and long-term childcare where it is felt that the welfare and the emotional and/or physical wellbeing of the child is at risk.

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The Cost of Care

We provide the best care possible to our children by employing and investing time and money in the best staff possible. Centrepoint currently employs 140 staff, at a cost of over £1.7m per year. Running costs across both childcare settings are close to £200k, making our average operating costs nearly £1.9m per year.

Covid-19 restrictions had a huge financial impact on Centrepoint, as it had on many charities in Jersey and beyond. We saw an increase in staffing and operational costs due to the introduction of bubbles and robust cleaning and hygiene regimes and a significant reduction in income proportionate to the number of children we were allowed to care for.


Fabulous Employees


Running costs per annum


Fundraising is now more important than ever for Centrepoint. We will soon be going live with our new fundraising and volunteering pages on this website. Watch this space!

The invaluable support of organisations such as: The Bosdet Foundation, The Lloyds Foundation, The One Foundation, The Association of Jersey Charities and The Brick Foundation has enabled Centrepoint to expand our services to provide a more robust, diverse and benevolent service to our children and their families.

For more information on donating to Centrepoint, please contact Jane Moy, CEO.

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