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The perfect start for your child

At Centrepoint, our nurseries are a place of warmth, comfort and familiarity. We put play at the centre of your child’s experience and development with thoughtfully created environments and carefully selected natural resources that enable children’s independent learning; a place where they can socialise and grow together through shared experience. Nurturing this learning are a team of fully-qualified and experienced key workers who follow our respectful approach to childcare, who inspire trust and confidence and build very strong bonds with our families and the children in our care. With multi-linguistic and diverse practitioners, inclusivity is second nature to us.

At Centrepoint, we aim to instil a lifelong love and interest in the natural world, spending as much time as possible outdoors in our large, mature gardens, where fresh air, adventurous play and discovery is every day. With the advantage of a fleet of minibuses, we are also able to explore our diverse and beautiful island, from the beaches to the dunes, the woodlands to the parks and all the other open spaces that we are all lucky to enjoy.

We concentrate on prime areas of your child’s development, building the foundations for later learning. We follow the Development Matters Framework, a curriculum that starts at birth and goes through to reception-age children. This curriculum is the same as used in the islands’s school nurseries and reception classes.

We take a very personal approach to our relationships with families, beginning with an individually tailored induction to carefully choosing key workers for each child. Throughout your time with us, we look to build good communication with you and provide ongoing information on your child’s development and daily feedback on your child’s day.

Our two nurseries at Green Street and La Pouquelaye are open to you weekdays all year round from 7:30am til 6:00pm. Each nursery has three separate units specially designed to care for babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers, with a full appreciation of their differing stages of development. Parents can also access the free 30 NEF hours at our two nurseries.

To book a visit or to learn more about our nurseries and our approach to childcare please contact Tanja Haynes, Head of Early Years.

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I work full time and would be lost without you guys – Daisy loves Centrepoint so much and I think the services you offer are brilliant!
nadine - Mum

It would be impossible to thank Centrepoint enough for all the positive changes they have brought to our family life. The ways in which both our boys have developed since starting nursery has been phenomenal and it’s absolutely heartwarming for us as parents to see. Knowing that they are now getting the opportunity to explore, learn, play with friends and make secure attachments with other adults is beyond amazing.




I am very grateful and cannot thank you and everybody at Gustavo's nursery room and obviously all involved in this process enough for the care and attention given to Gustavo. The support and affection we've been receiving from all of you at Centrepoint has been wonderful.




Thank you for all your efforts to making this happen and us loving being able to see how amazingly Amber has developed and just like a little flower bloom.



With multi-linguistic and diverse practitioners, inclusivity is second nature to us.

our nurseries

Green Street Nursery

monday - friday / 7.30am - 6.00pm

From the moment you enter Green Street Nursery you will recognise it as a place where your baby or child can grow and learn, nurtured in a warm, caring and homely atmosphere. The nursery offers extensive outdoor play, all seasons, whatever the weather. The older children just cannot wait to get out into the walled garden, a sensory space with its mature trees and big open sky, where they really do have freedom to run around or sit and read, climb, explore, dig, build, and just let their imaginations run wild; all under the watchful eye or guiding hand of our experienced team. When the tide is right, we can often be found minutes away on the beach at Havre de Pas – we like to think of it as an extension to the garden.

Indoors, across two floors, Green Street Nursery provides large, bright, stimulating spaces for babies from 3 months, toddlers 2-3 years and pre-schoolers 3-5 years, created with a full appreciation of their differing stages of development and always with a child-centred focus. We have taken great care in selecting resources for our children aiming to use natural and authentic items to create an inviting, inspiring, interesting space to enable children to unfold/discover their natural potential.

Green Street Nursery offers enormous convenience to parents and families. It is open year round, from 7:30am until 6:00pm and situated in the south of St Helier, just above Havre de Pas. Practically, the nursery has its own carpark for easy pick-ups and drop-offs and is in walking distance to town.

We look forward to welcoming you to Green Street Nursery.

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A boy walking up a step at Centrepoint
our nurseries

La Pouquelaye Nursery

monday - friday / 7.30am - 6pm

With easy access from the northern parishes, La Pouquelaye Nursery is a natural and beautifully resourced setting, based within the main Playcare Centre at La Pouquelaye. This nursery provides babies and young children a place to grow and flourish in an exciting and welcoming environment.

We concentrate on prime areas of your child’s development, building the foundations for life long learning. We follow the Development Matters Framework, a curriculum that starts at birth and goes through to reception age children. Understanding that this can only be delivered through close bonds between the children, practitioners and families.

La Pouquelaye nursery has several bright and cheerful outdoor areas, one has the additional benefit of a outdoor classroom area. There is a spacious area for riding bikes and scooters, along with mud kitchens, sandpits and chicken run; so wellies and spare clothes are essential!

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