Our Purpose, Vision and Values

Why we exist as Centrepoint, the charity.

Our Purpose

To make childcare possible for every family.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be Jersey’s leading childcare provider to the benefit of every family in Jersey.

Our Values

The foundations of Centrepoint are built upon our core values:


Whether it’s reading, listening to stories, or wiping up paint off the floor for the fifth time, we believe that patience is essential when working in childcare. Children appreciate being given time and understanding, and because of this, they feel comfortable around our staff. Children are more inclined to engage in learning and development activities, knowing that we give them plenty of time, respect and understanding. This in turn will enable them to try for themselves and become independent learners.


We believe that the key to providing the most loving, warm, cheerful and caring environment is passion. Being passionate about our work is clearly reflected in the contentment and happiness of the children we care for. It’s this passion which impels us to constantly reflect on our practice, so that we can ensure we provide the best care to our children.

Open Communication

Relationships are an important building block for providing good care, establishing trust and getting everything perfect for the children in our care. This includes listening actively to the voice of the child. Building good relationships maximises the children’s learning. We pride ourselves on making time for our parents and having direct daily communication with them, as we understand the value this brings as they entrust their children into our care. Having a honest relationship with our children, families and practitioners maximises the outcome for our children. This includes supporting our children and families when needed.


Creativeness is perhaps one of our most cherished attributes; we strongly believe that having a playful attitude is not only entertaining for children but can stimulate them to learn new skills and develop. And our staff enjoy it too! Children love our staff because we constantly use our imagination and enter their world. We value creativity on multiple levels, such as finding solutions to individual needs of our children, helping families to access our services, developing the care we provide and the running of our facilities.


Respect is an essential part of our relationship with families, colleagues, ourselves, the world we live in and, just as importantly, the children in our care. Respectful practice is one of our cornerstones in perfecting the care we provide to our children. Part of this respect is allowing time for special care moments, which we achieve by allowing children plenty of time to undertake things for themselves, encouraging independence, curiosity and exploration. Independence is a foundation for lifelong learning and resilience.