Training for Playcare

Continuous training directly improves quality of care and outcomes for children.

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Playwork training

Playcare at Centrepoint is fortunate enough to be supported by two qualified Playwork teachers – the only facility in Jersey to do so. This has enabled us to build a strong and knowledgeable team, informed by the Playwork Principles, benefitting the childrens' care and wellbeing.

Playwork recognises that in the right environment and with play opportunities for children, their development can be positively influenced and enhanced. Playworkers training is based on the Principles of Playwork which are:

Importance of play

Playworkers knowledge helps to create a space where your child’s innate impulse and need to play is provided for. This in turn is fundamental to the healthy development and wellbeing of not just individual children but also our communities.


Free choice

Playworkers appreciate the importance of letting the children follow their own ideas, instincts and interests, without a given agenda or reason; allowing the children to freely choose how they would like to play.

Valuing play

Playworkers are trained to facilitate and support the children’s play processes. Reflecting on Play Policy, training and educational value of play.


Playworkers become advocates for play, knowing the process of play comes before everything else.

Creation of space

Playworkers learn that their role is to create a space, which will support all children in their chosen play.


Playworker’s knowledge of the play processes and reflective practice inform the responses and interactions to children.



Training makes the Playworker aware of their impact on the play space and the children’s play on them.

Extending play

Playworkers become skilled in extending children’s play by adopting an intervention style while balancing risk against developmental benefit and well being.