Training for Nursery

Continuous training directly improves quality of care and outcomes for children.

quality nursery care

The importance of training

Centrepoint recognises the importance of developing our nursery teams, focusing on continuous professional development and the positive impact this has on the quality of care the children receive. Acknowledging that training allows colleagues to come on board with modern teaching ideas, understanding and reflection creating change and best outcome for our children by offering unique learning experiences.

Centrepoint practitioners access training in-house, through ‘Knowledge Makes Change’, through courses offered by CEYS, the childcare regulator, on-line and by attending courses and conferences off island.

quality nursery care

Training helps children’s attainment

We understand the importance of the relationship between children, practitioners and parents. This includes working on a joint understanding of how to create the best environment for children to thrive. Having open and honest conversations, allows families to benefit from our experience and training. This open communication allows us to offer unique learning opportunities to each child to support their developmental stages, be it weaning, potty training or learning to write their names.

quality nursery care

Training keeps children safe

We understand the importance of keeping knowledge up to date to keep children safe. All our practitioners complete the Safeguarding Foundation course and then attend regular training. Permanent practitioners are all First Aid trained. Developmentally-appropriate environments are set-up by trained practitioners to suit the current cohort. Through our high employee retention, we are fortunate to have a team with a high ratio of qualified practitioners, at Nursery Officer or at Degree level.

quality nursery care

Training makes practitioners confident

Trained practitioners will not only be confident in their practice but will also be active, inspired and engaged in their practice. Using the knowledge and skills attained, allows for new ideas, concepts and approaches to be introduced and increases the learning opportunities offered to the children. These can also be confidently explained to parents, sharing the children’s achievements and journeys. Centrepoint have many practitioners who take great pride in offering a unique learning experience and environment.

quality nursery care

Strength through ongoing training

Centrepoint is fortunate to have loyal teams of practitioners, many with us between five and ten years. This commitment has allowed us to build on individuals' strengths, invest in their ongoing training, while they collect valuable experience in their day-to-day roles.  

This training and professionalism has led to other nursery settings visiting to look at our carefully chosen environments, especially the baby rooms, which offer a unique natural learning experience for babies to flourish.