Healthy Eating Together

At Centrepoint we take pride in the food we prepare and share with our children.

At Centrepoint we recognise a balanced and nutritious diet ensures the healthy development and growth in our children. The right foods energise children, allowing them to learn effectively and improve their general wellbeing. Our practitioners encourage the children in our care to appreciate their meals to ensure they foster a healthy relationship with food, which will benefit them throughout their lives.

Our resident chef, Rafal, prepares our daily menu with care and sources as many of our ingredients from local Jersey suppliers. We buy seasonally, use herbs and vegetables grown by the children in our Green Street garden and collect eggs daily from our chickens at La Pouquelaye – always an event for the children!

At our Nurseries at Green Street and La Pouquelaye, children enjoy a freshly prepared, balanced, nutritious, warm lunch and dessert each day. Those who join us in the morning also receive a welcoming breakfast always including fruit. Children learn about portion sizes by serving themselves from an early age. Meal times are shared experiences in small groups with a key worker joining each table – this is daily life at Centrepoint.

At Breakfast Club at Playcare, children can choose from a healthy breakfast buffet to suit all tastes, the perfect start to a busy school day. At After School Club, children emerge from our minibuses peckish and can choose from a selection of warm and cold snacks or prepare their choices independently.

Our aim at Centrepoint is to provide an inclusive menu for all children in our care, ensuring those requiring differing dietary requirements are fully considered. As part of daily life at Centrepoint, the teams enjoy baking, cooking and preparing foods with the children, and we share healthy recipes between children, colleagues and our Centrepoint families and of course we all enjoy tasting them together.