Roxanne Pryor

Practice Manager – The Space

I am the Practice Manager for The Space and have been with Centrepoint since 2017, drawing on a wealth of experiences gained from having worked in the childcare sector for over 13 years. My initial role of Senior Team Leader required me to support children with Special Educational Needs, an area I became very interested in working in going forward.  I was part of the team setting up the Short breaks at the weekends, and I became the Manager in 2019. I find the work both challenging and rewarding, learning more and more with every child and family we support.

In 2021 I made the leap to become the Practice Manager for The Space full time. I enjoy the additional training and implementing what I learn to benefit the children. I aim to create a safe, fun and relaxing space, suited to the children’s specific needs, recognising all children should have equal access and opportunities to activities and quality care.

Having 3 children myself, I have empathy with the challenges modern life can bring and I fully appreciate how important quality, reliable childcare is. This is another reason I seek to support our families where we can.

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