Complex Needs Support Worker (Relief)

About the Role

Age group:

4-12 year olds.

La Pouquelaye
Reasons why you should join our team:

The opportunity to work with our passionate and diverse teams to care for some amazing children and be part of their learning journey. Be part of a charity, who’s purpose it is to make childcare possible for every family. We have exciting progression opportunities and reward loyalty. You are welcome to contribute through your own passions and ideas. Subsidised childcare is part of the employment offer. Our management team is supportive and accessible to all colleagues.

We are looking for a colleague who:

Cares for children with respect and patience as a basis to a trusting relationship. Be part of creating a safe, inclusive and stimulating learning environment, supporting children’s individual routines, enabling independence and supporting development. Enjoy working aspart of a team. Establishing respectful relationships with families to deliver best outcomes and care for our children.

This position requires you to:

To assist the Team Leader to provide encourage an inclusive environment, empowering and valuing the children and young people as individuals, whilst recognising their individual complex needs and encouraging their individual and collective development. Be flexible on working days and hours.

Your personal qualities should include:

Being passionate about inclusive childcare, good communication skills, team working, good understanding of safety and hygiene, respectful towards children, families and colleagues. Tune into children’s needs and respond using age and stage appropriate language.

Essential qualifications:

Ideally youwill hold, or be working towards, the following qualifications, to meet registration requirements: Childcare qualification to level 3 such as Dip N/N,NNEB, DCE, NVQ/CCLD Level 3 in Early Years, Playgroup Leaders (1989), DipPre-School Practice.

You are expected to undertake any mandatory training, facilitated by Centrepoint, in accordance with regulatory and registration requirements to include, but not limited to:

  • JCPC Foundation Stage Child Protection or equivalent safeguarding training.
  • Paediatric First Aid Training.
  • Infection Prevention/Control.
  • Maybo training.
  • SPELL training.

Training provided:

We will provide you with training in accordance with regulatory and registration requirements to include: JCPC Foundation Stage Child Protection or equivalent safeguarding training, Paediatric First Aid Training, Infection Prevention/Control, Maybo training, SPELL training and other training required to meet specific needs to a child as required.

Responsibilities & Accountabilities:

The Team

  • Create an inclusive environment both inside and outside where children and young people can play and develop.
  • Provide support during each session working towards programs and targets set by professionals involved in the child’s or young person’s case.
  • Facilitate play to ensure the child’s and young person’s participation in all activities that they choose, where possible. Alternatively create play situations that encourage the child to participate as fully as they can.
  • Ensure that the children and young people are safe at all times.
  • Maintain effective working relationships with all staff.
  • Work with all staff to ensure equality of opportunity.
  • Contribute ideas into planning of children’s and young person’s interests through appropriate activities.
  • Evaluate activities and planning on a regular basis.
  • To be able to use your initiative to set up activities in your designated area.
  • Support new staff within the setting.
  • Attend all staff meetings.
  • Take full responsibility for children and young people during outings as legally required (if applicable).
  • Keep completely confidential any information regarding children and young people and their families which is learnt as part of your role.
  • Attend any training and continuous professional development particularly relevant to your role and the needs of the children young people you are supporting.
  • Comply with Centrepoint’s Policies and Procedures.

The Parent

  • Record and pass on any appropriate information required by Centrepoint policies and procedures, maintaining this information as laid down in the policies.
  • Maintain close effective working partnerships with parents/carers to ensure the well-being of their children and young people.
  • Have effective communication with the parents/carers.
  • Encourage and seek parental involvement and advice on the child’s/young person’s complex needs and abilities.
  • To establish and maintain good relationships with parents and carers to help them feel welcome in the provision.
  • Keep up to date records for home, nursery/school and relevant professional’s purposes. Carry out observations and reports including taking photos and videos of the children and young adults at play as part of the session.

The Child 

  • Each Complex Needs Support Worker is responsible for the children and young people in their session group and should be aware of the overall care of all the children and young people within the Club. Maintain effective working relationships with children and young people while ensuring equality of opportunity.
  • Being pro-active in recognising that children and young people with complex needs are individuals, acknowledging their right to have a role in defining their environment and respecting their development and play.
  • To observe, monitor and record the development and play of each child in the session.
  • Facilitate snack time, lunch time and toileting if the child receiving support needs assistance in these areas.
  • Advise the Complex Needs Practice Manager if you have any concerns you have about the needs of the child or any safeguarding concerns.

Outside Agencies 

  • Maintain effective working relationships with all relevant external agencies.


You are accountable to the Complex Practice Needs manager and the CEO for:

  • The care and development of the children and young people in your care.
  • Effective communication with parents/carers for the children and young people in your care.

Closing date:


Please complete the application form and return with a CV and a covering email.