Nursery Officers

About the Role

Age group:

3 to 4 years old.

La Pouquelaye Nursery
Reasons why you should join our team:

The opportunity to work with our passionate and diverse teams to care for some amazing children and be part of their learning journey. Be part of a charity, who’s purpose it is to make childcare possible for every family. We have exciting progression opportunities and reward loyalty. You are welcome to contribute through your own passions and ideas. Subsidised childcare is part of the employment offer. Our management team is supportive and accessible to all colleagues.

We are looking for a colleague who:

Cares for children with respect and patience as a basis to a trusting relationship. Be part of creating a safe, inclusive and stimulating learning environment, supporting children’s individual routines, enabling independence and supporting development. Enjoy working as part of a team. Establishing respectful relationships with families to deliver best outcomes and care for our children.

This position requires you to:

The Nursery Team Leader leads their colleagues in using the Early Years Matters, Quality Framework and adhering to the Early Years Statutory Requirements. Your primary responsibility is to create a stimulating nursery environment, respecting children as individuals whilst recognising their needs and encouraging their individual and collective development.

Your personal qualities should include:

Being passionate about inclusive childcare, good communication skills, team working & leading, good understanding of safety and hygiene, respectful towards children, families and colleagues. Tune into children’s needs and respond using age and stage appropriate language.

Essential qualifications:

You must hold a child care qualification to level 3 such as Dip N/N, NNEB, DCE, NVQ/CCLD Level 3 in Early Years, PlaygroupLeaders (1989), Dip Pre-School Practice.

Training provided:

Team leading training and ongoing training.

Responsibilities & Accountabilities:

The Team

  • Creating a stimulating environment both inside and outside where children can learn and develop by following the appropriate curriculum or framework whilst being supported by the EYFS quality framework.
  • Maintaining effective working relationships with staff by holding regular room meetings and planning meetings. To attend all staff meetings.
  • Working with all staff to ensure equality of opportunity.
  • To ensure that there is appropriate planning and that there are appropriate and adequate resources. Work with Nursery Practice Manager to discuss resources needed to support topics and plans for the year.
  • To support and be a positive role model to all staff and students in the setting.
  • To take full responsibility for children during outings as legally required.
  • Ensure the registers and overtime forms are collated for all children.
  • To implement the Staff appraisals with the support of the Practice Manager and help to create a Professional Development Plan.
  • To help prepare the setting’s ‘self-evaluation for registered settings’ and continue to work on areas identified.
  • To meet with Practice Manager to help complete the ‘Safeguarding and Welfare’ audit and the ‘Health and Safety Risk Assessment’.
  • To implement changes with the team on areas identified in the self-evaluation document.

The Parent

  • Recording and passing on any appropriate information required by CPT policies and procedures, maintaining this information as laid down in the policies.
  • Maintaining close effective working partnerships with parents/carers to ensure the well-being of their children.
  • Have effective communication with the parents.
  • Respect and follow parents’ wishes and demands, cultures and beliefs. 

The Child

  • Each Team Leader is responsible for and should be aware of the overall care of all the children within the nursery and on outings. Overseeing the key-worker groups and assuring the children’s needs are met at their individual levels.
  • Maintaining effective working relationships with children while ensuring equality of opportunity.
  • Being pro-active in recognising that children are individuals, acknowledging their right to have a role in defining their environment and respecting their learning and play.
  • To observe, monitor and record the development of each child in their key worker group.
  • To support staff who are finding areas difficult within the setting and create an action plan to move children forward.
  • Responsibility for safeguarding the children.

Outside Agencies

  • Maintaining effective working relationships with students and all relevant external agencies.
  • To be able to write up evidence with the assistance of the Practice Manager for external agencies in preparation for meetings.


You are accountable to the Practice Manager and Early Years Co-ordinator, for:

  • The care and development of the children under your team and for effective communication with families.
  • Working with a team who receive their responsibilities and accountabilities from you.
  • Effective communications within your team and effective communication with the Practice Manager and Early Years Co-ordinator, keeping them up to date with all relevant information.
  • The equipment and facilities within your management area meet Health and Safety Requirements and Registration requirements.

Closing date:

20th November 2021

Please complete the application form and return with a CV and a covering email.